Rice Made+Cleansing Lotion

Rice Made+Cleansing Lotion

Lotion & Moisturizer
RM48.10 MYR

A cleansing lotion containing rice-derived beauty ingredients. One of four roles with the roles of cleansing, face washing, exfoliation, and lotion. It can also be used by eyelash extensions.

The additive-free cleansing water is specially formulated to remove makeup, cleanse, gently renew, and hydrate skin in one step. It features a blend of rice-derived ingredients produced by Kiku-Masamune and fermented yeast to help maintain the skin"s optimal moisture balance.

Makeup, environmental debris, excess oil, and dead skin cells are effortlessly lifted away without causing dryness, tightness, or irritation. Skin feels smooth, soft, and replenished without stickiness.

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